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Update 02/25/23

A lot has happened since the initial announcement of Legends Of Old. We are very happy with the response, thank you to everyone who has shown interest. Of special note, thank you to everyone who has begun donating to the Patreon. We are a completely independent project and all of our funding comes from people like you. Thank you, sincerely.

Since the announcement, we have added two new zones and two new classes. The Elementalist was the first class to be announced, which is a fire-and-forget focused pet class that seeks to overwhelm their opponent with summons. The Reaver class is a lifetap focused class with a skeletal pet that aids them in battle. Check out their respective videos on our Youtube channel here to see them in action.

The two zones we made are currently unnamed, as we are still fleshing out the lore. The first new zone is an open oceanside zone with a beach on one side and mountains on the other, with various encounters and places to explore sprinkled throughout. The second zone is a dungeon zone which required a lot of experimentation with lighting to get right. This zone sees various goblins taking up residency in the first half of the dungeon, with undead type "shades" in the second half of the dungeon guarding an entrance leading to the deeper parts of the zone. We haven't revealed what lies deeper within that zone quite yet, as we want players to have something to explore and discover.

We've created several new models and reworked many animations since the announcement video as well. Goblins, Shades, and Skeletons have found their way into Legends Of Old, with their own unique attack animations and casting animations. The human and elf models have received overhauls to their animations as well, with new one handed and two handed attack animations, hurt animations, and so on. We also have begun creating SFX, such as the goblin "hurt" SFX and the gate/button SFX, both of which can be heard in the new Reaver video. We also reworked how we were handling animation data to make a more smooth / believable blend between actions.

Various other improvements have been implemented, such as enemy AI improvements, navmesh improvements, better scripting of events, tons of bug fixes, new features such as the NPC Health Bar's nameplate flashing when engaged in combat, "stun" support for interrupting enemies, and so on.

We feel the game has come quite a long way in the last month of development. For a vast majority of our development time we have been focused on simply creating all of the systems a game like this requires. Now that we have transitioned to developing content and polishing systems, we are very happy with the progress we have made and will continue down this path.

Thank you to everyone who has spread the word of Legends Of Old. If you are interested, please consider donating to the Patreon where we post weekly devblogs, behind the scenes videos, and screenshots. We also engage with our community there on design discussions for the future of Legends Of

Until next time!


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