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Update 03/31/23

Hail, and well met! This past month has been a very busy one for us. We have finally entered into our first early demo phase, which allows our Patreon supporters to get a first look at the game. Feedback has been good and we have fixed up a lot of issues that players have found, resulting in a more polished experience. Thank you sincerely to everyone who has supported us! As a reminder, Legends Of Old is a passion project which relies on donations to continue development. Please consider supporting us if you are interested in the game.

While the demo consists of a single Playable Class (Reaver) in a single playable zone, Legends Of Old is meant to be more than just one zone or class. We have begun development on "Phase Two" of our process, which includes adding additional playable classes and adding in two additional zones to play, as well as expanding the overall gameplay loop significantly.

We'll be aiming to introduce the Druid and Elementalist as playable classes, as well as allowing players to explore a revamped Slate's Pass zone and the currently unnamed second outdoor zone. Slate's Pass has received a major overhaul since its debut in the "Gameplay Demonstration" video, and we're excited to see what you guys think of it.

We added several quests to the game throughout the last month which help augment our environmental story telling. We are currently iterating on our quest system to make it as good as it can be while still having a sense of mystery around it. We began work on improved itemization, as well. Previously, items merely had stats such as +life or +armor. With our new system, we have the ability for items to have "mods", which makes chasing items more fun and rewarding. Mods on items have powerful effects, such as:

1) Frenzy: has a chance on swing to proc Frenzy, greatly increasing attack speed for a small duration

2) Regeneration: increases your regeneration rate while the item is worn by # life per tick.

3) Recoup: When blocking with this shield, heal yourself for # life.

4) Lacerate: when swinging with this weapon, has a chance to cause the target to bleed for X damage over Y seconds.

While the demo version is certainly a lot of fun, we aim for Phase Two to greatly expand the game and reward players who are more interested in exploration and adventure. We'll be sure to keep you updated on its progress!

Thank you very much,

The Legends Of Old Team

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