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A jack-of-all-trades class, the Druid has a wide array of abilities. Ranging from healing spells to self buffs, Movement-speed enhancing spells, Damage Over Time and AOE Direct Damage spells, the Druid has an answer to almost any situation. Uniquely, the Druid has the ability to summon plants to help them control an area. These plants are untargettable and immobile - They create a "zone" around them which has unique effects. Experiment with different plant types to find what suits your style!

The Druids are a separatist sect of naturalists who have rejected the modern world and seek to immerse themselves in nature. Due to growing strife in the city of Thalanos, the Druids have been growing in number as of late as more of the citizens grow weary of modern life.

   The Druid

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   The Elementalist

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A master of magic, the Elementalist has the strongest frontloaded damage possible, as well as the ability to summon a multitude of pets. These pets are Ice, Fire, and Earth. Each pet has its own strength and weakness, and can unleash unique effects in the right circumstances.

The Elementalists of the School Of Arcania value self discipline and knowledge above all else - The elflad Eliendar guides his pupils to not be tempted by fiery speeches or appeals to emotion, but to instead find the answers within ones own mind.

"Only when we have strengthened our minds, expanded our senses, and reached a heightened state of being will we find the answers that we seek." - Eliandar Swiftwind

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   The Reaver

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A formidible frontliner capable of going toe-to-toe with enemies, pairing strong melee combat with dark magics to drain the life from their opponent. The reaver is aided by several unique buffs as well as a summoned skeletal pet.

The Reavers are an evil group of worshippers of the gods Urtak and Drukthal that have gone into hiding, waiting for their moment to strike upon the leadership of Thalanos. They spread propaganda among the local populace, painting a picture of despair and injustice for those who don't stand among them. Their numbers may be low, but those who bear the mark of the Altar possess a terrifying power.


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   The Paladin

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A tanky class that harnesses the power of sigils, which are instant-cast spells that are consumed upon the next successful swing of your weapon. You can only have one sigil active at a time, and there are separate cooldowns for each sigil type. Experiment with mixing-and-matching to find what works best!

The Paladins of Luminael have recently arrived to the city of Thalanos, seeking to purge corruption and restore order. They have taken up refuge in the Castle of Aandel and have begun recruiting citizens to bolster their ranks. Inquisitor Jadal, a truly devout follower of Luminael, leads their ranks and is the first point of contact for those seeking to walk the path of the rigtheous.


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