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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Legends Of Old be free?

A: We have always planned to develop and release Legends Of Old for free, as long as there was a community interested in donating to its existance. That means no microtransactions, loot boxes, P2W, crypto, NFT, or any other systems that have pervaded the modern gaming space. We'll never use any of those techniques.  Unfortunately, if we do not have donations from our community to continue developing Legends Of Old, we may be forced to cease development due to lack of funds. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Q: What are the main inspirations of Legends of Old?

A: The main game that inspired Legends Of Old is obviously the original version of Everquest. Further inspiration has been drawn from other games we love such as Ultima Online, Dark Age Of Camelot, and the Gothic series of games. These games did things that we believe were truly special and very rarely replicated. We hope to recreate the magic that those games made us feel. 

Q: Single Player Game with MMO design is confusing, what do you mean specifically?

A: Specifically we draw inspiration from the mechanics  and  world design of classic MMOs. Of important note is the combat systems as well as the world architecture, such as the act of Zoning to a new area. Further, the idea of having monsters respawn on a timer is something we have mostly seen in MMO style games. We very much like the idea of a zone changing drastically due to respawns, as well as having Rare NPCs spawning.  Lastly, the ability to directly influence your other characters by trading equipment or itemized buffs helps create a sense of interaction between your characters.
We do not mean that we are trying to simulate a "party environment" in the game. Legends Of Old is a single player game where your own solo character is interacting with the world.


Q: Will there be In-Game maps or Quest Markers?

Q: Are you looking to expand your team?

Q: How many Races or Classes will there be?

Q: When will Legends Of Old be released?

A: No, we believe these things are contrary to an immersive experience. We want players to actually engage with the world and talk to NPCs as well as have a true sense of discovery while exploring the world. We believe players will have a stronger reaction when stumbling across interesting things in the world organically as opposed to simply following a map.

A: We will unveil that information once it has become finalized. We will say that we plan on having many different races and classes, with each race having a home city and each class having a unique toolset to engage with the world. 

A: We plan on keeping our team at pretty much the same size that it is in order to maintain our strong vision. We believe we have all of the core fronts covered, with the exception of a solid sound engineer. If you are a sound engineer, please consider contacting us at to discuss possibly working with us.

A: We are aiming for a 2024 release for the 1.0 version of Legends Of Old. However, for general testing purposes, we may opt to release "chunked" versions of the game for people to playtest early, with the understanding that it is not a finished product and is simply to help us identify and fix bugs. 

Q: Will the game have a co-op mode or be multiplayer?

A: Unfortunately not, at least not for a long time. We've built our entire code base around a single player environment, and unfortunately we'd require a complete rewrite to support online or co-op play. Creating an online or co-op game adds a mountain of complexity that we do not have the resources for. Lastly, our intent was to create a single player game from the outset, and we want to hold true to that vision.

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